Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Project Inception

Well, the project actually started a couple of months ago when I signed up for the Youg Makers program at the Exploritorium. We meet one Saturday each month for workshops, presentations from prominent Makers and to work on our projects. The objective is to display what we build at the Maker Fair in San Mateo in May.

My Project: Design and build a prototype portable 'laddervator'.

What's a laddervator? Good question! A laddervator is a device that attaches to a standard aluminum ladder that transports items up and down. They are typically used to get heavy roofing suppliers to a roof without the need for a crane (or a lot of manual work).

Some project considerations:
  • Inexpensive (I want to keep the cost below $100)
  • Portable (as I want to easily take it to the Maker's Fair)
  • Safe (nothing drops on my head!)
  • Strong (I would like the laddervator to be able to lift at least 200lbs)
I'm only building a prototype at this time. But if it works out well then I'll take what I learn and will build a 'finished' version.

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